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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EST

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we're watching our see at eight pm moscow time tonight kuwait's boy called collective widespread anger at paul the isn't this lead opposition says it's rigged in support of the u.s. backed monarchy we've got the latest for you meantime in egypt the president's supporters weigh in now with rival protests amid liberal fury against mohamed morsi self-imposed powers and the constitution is drafted. in the u.s. it's pocket israel for authorizing thousands of new settlements in the west bank in east jerusalem just a day after the u.n. upgraded palestine diplomatic status.
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for a good evening for me kevin i would hear the new center tonight our top story the islamist led opposition in kuwait is boycotting saturday's parliamentary ballots in a bitter standoff with the country's an elected leaders the u.s. backed monarchies accused of amending the voting rules to influence the outcome of the poll. in the gulf state with. uncertainty is one way to describe the mood here in way today as the highly controversial parliamentary elections take off now the opposition has refused to back down from a boycott of the voting in protest of what it sees as towards authoritarianism opposition activists say that this is an attempt to produce a more compliant parliament that will allow the government to pass laws without appropriate oversight from the legislature thousands a few leaders have taken to the streets in a largely peaceful protest march to express their frustration with what they see. the version of the cold war there's also concerns about
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a potential clampdown on dissent as many activists have spoken out both against the emir and the political situation here have been jailed now we got a chance to speak to some of the protesters and here's a look at what they have to say i have a problem as the government doesn't need neither the constitution nor democracy and they always start to talk about dialogue whenever they need a temporary alternative but in practice they are defying democracy the main problem is that since one thousand nine hundred seventy six the development of kuwait has stopped because the government started thinking of how to change the constitution and get rid of it the growth of the country has stopped and the government is unable to change the constitution or to continue with the development process as a result the situation has got to where it is now the opposition hope that they would like should result in a lower voter turnout which would in their directly undermine the actual outcome of the elections and potentially hasten the dissolution of the most recent parliament
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we also spoke to opposition activists to say that they are going to be stationing their own observers at each of the polling stations in order to do an independent count of the voter turnout to the world which country has seen by a street battles between opposition groups and security forces which have used steer aghast stun grenades as well as rubber bullets in order to disperse the previous guy. other rings now western countries are of course. as well as the rest here in kuwait of course as an opec member any sort of unrest on the streets is bound to have some sort of an impact on oil prices as well as the pentagon's plans to use the oil rich nation as a hub for its get ground forces in order to build up a countering force to the perceived threat by iran the first wave is home to three u.s. military bases. that's the piece of. all of the withdrawal from afghanistan. you see captain of r t two eight.
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meanwhile in egypt thousands of islamists are rallying in support of the president there while the opposition continues to demonstrate against him mohamed morsi initially sparked public fury off to grab him so supreme power as another draft constitution his political allies approves also come under fire. from reports from cairo. protesters have been camped out into risk where since last week since egyptian president mohamed morsi if you decree granting himself sweeping new powers that kicks off a wave of protests by the more liberal sections of egyptian society not just here in cairo but in cities across the country some of those spilling over into violent protests we're seeing take gas thrown and stone exchanges between the protesters and police a number of protesters have died hundreds more have been wounded across the country in those protests the clearness of it the roots of it a constitutional crisis here people and visit when they have their revolution
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nearly two years ago the overthrow of hosni mubarak last week after this declaration of how much more see the current president backed by the muslim brotherhood said that the reason for that was to try and get a new constitution last in a process that dragged out for a long time for egypt however the constituent assembly that drafted that is dominated by the muslim brotherhood many other representatives of more liberal representatives coptic christians and other groups that have withdrawn from that assembly in protest so there is the fear that that new constitution which has just recently been drafted is too islamist as is to religiously conservative doesn't make enough provisions to protect minorities in a gyptian society mohamed morsi for his part ses he wants compromise he wants to protect the revolution and today it is the chance of his supporters he is supported
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by large sections of the egyptian population and he did win the presidential election these protests will continue here in tahrir square as well and we have this shows that the constitutional crisis and the battle to try and get egypt's revolution on the right track. on a track that egyptians can agree on is fast and over time bomb our correspondent in karla's because more falls for most going on talk to a doctor i sure is joining us on the line from london tonight dr high there so now we've witnessed of thousands of people turning out to rally for the president how does that presence of this tie in with what's going on in tahrir square and all those anti protests as a government fact those protests in any way you know it's definitely the people are divided that are thirteen point two million voters who voted for the president and there are more than twelve million that will do it for is against him so any of these camps can mobilize hundreds of thousands. we saw the. true
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president. he is much larger than that because there is there's no space there there's obviously more supporters coming from. the governorates so the egyptians are quite divided at the moment. but it's now very critical for the political to realize that and to try to continue their call isolation by moving ahead towards institutionalizing the politics of this and to not have a parliament constitution and therefore and elections for for the parliament by two is the opposition really being listened to though. the opposition is very concerned about the constitutional declaration which gives the president sweeping powers and especially to protect his decisions from judicial review and there is no trust between the opposition and the presidency but right now where the president said
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that. this constitutional declaration would be only valid for two weeks because on fifteenth of december they would run at a file on them on the constitution and once the constitution is in place assuming that the people of egypt accepted except and voted yes for the constitution at this point you would have all the constitutional declaration of the president and the previous one of the supreme council of the armed forces all of them would be an elder and would have the constitution as the father and the ultimate reference of all the laws in egypt i mean into the very mysterious he is egypt's first democratically elected leader and the constitution has been drafted by elected lawmakers to given all that are you surprised by the wise is turning out well i'm not surprised. it's a power struggle the the opposition or some of its leaders at least lost the presidential elections and the parliamentary elections before that they are quite boldly about the islamist supporters of the president and the they don't want to
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see in this law mr luzhin of egypt's elected institutions so and the president was elected by a very gentle margin so i would say you don't need the i'm not surprised with the polarization i think the president could have done a better job of containing such for the isolation by having the better communication strategies but definitely egypt if the constitution was upheld and if we had fewer fit of parliamentary elections i think egypt will be heading towards. is there any danger at all of the chance the military of mubarak loyalists could attempt to reclaim power in egypt if that's not the case. all this do there's always this thing yet it's still have all the files transitional period you have right now if we saw clashes between the. morsi and the morsi forces and this may cause the military to come in and if they came in they were coming with their
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conditions and with the rules and they were going to dominate they had an egyptian politics so let's hope that you know to save the blood of the egyptians and to avoid it to deal with again in egypt we need to move on the part of democratic transition to touched on the final four we touched on this just now but the opposition and whether the big listen to me the bigger picture i guess the influence of business seems to be on the rise in egypt and across the great the muslim world will liberal protests have any real impact on this a growing movement. it will that actually it's good always to have a critical mass of opposition of the view on the ground because then you're liberalize many of the slowest ideas and. that he did as well so i think it will be with all the islamists will take it from constitutional liberalism and call the secular democrats and the secular democrats will also try to moderate that media for all things that missed and absorb some of their ideas as well so it's
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always good to have this kind of political balance the most important thing is that for all to respect the rules of the democrats again to accept a constitution even if it was drafted by people that do not belong to your site you still have to accept it because it was six months of work. constitution assembly appointed by an elected institution which is to which was the parliament that thirty million egyptians voted for so all these were cannot just get an old by a group of judges in the constitutional court that appointed by mubarak at an earlier stage i think and this is that at the crux of the issue at the moment thank you for your thoughtful. program talked to sure there live from the middle east expert as you are thank you thank you. washington that israel for authorizing three thousand new settler homes in the west bank and east jerusalem israel's move came a day after the u.n. general assembly upgraded palestine to being a normal member observer the u.s.
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called the construction decision counterproductive to peace negotiations on a two state solution palestinians say the lands in the west bank and east jerusalem which were occupied by israel in the nineteen sixty's must be returned to but since then the number of israelis living there is risen to half a million for the palestinians all settlement building must stop before a new peace talks begin human rights activist steve hind think both sides are further apart from a two state solution than ever. if we're serious about a two state solution and if we're serious about moving towards that. there's no way that this deliver settlement expansion can be seen as in any way a move towards getting back on the table and moving towards the peace talks that both sides so desperately need in the latest upsurge in violence in gaza we've seen documented proof that israel launched indiscriminate attacks i.e. they failed to distinguish between combatant and civilian in the same way that hamas rocket attacks very clearly either aimed at civilians which is
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a violation of international humanitarian law in the sense that target civilian or by the indiscriminate nature of their arsenal further away from a two state solution perhaps we've ever been before but only by building on the international consensus that we've got that israel and even the united states are forever away from can we hope to move towards a long lasting peace. if huge of america's high tech hubs in jeopardy in a few minutes almost twice of the value shutting out the innovators who helped create the digital revolution in the first place just one of the many stories told in this way. waves of corruption are rocking russia hundreds of millions of dollars vanished
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from apec building projects and russia's got a nice satellite project a real estate scandal has also led to the defense minister being fired note i said fire in russia we hear a lot about corruption scandals and the reaction is usually a firing or a forced resignation and maybe that would be ok another country but russia has big dreams in a big country that is big corruption spoiling all of those dreams a country can't survive with every infrastructural or scientific project is so dry from within whether the government is unwilling or unable to sternly punish these offenders is a huge topic by could tell you that if there's no real fear of punishment this will just keep going on for ever perhaps it's time to put a big asterisk for high level corruption next to the moratorium on the death penalty but that's just my opinion.
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groups and footage of the most part of showing syrian rebels executing loyalists what the victims pleaded for their lives and some of the images you're about to see extremely graphic one of the government is referencing an al qaeda linked group behind several terrorist attacks in syria the rebels are claiming new advances in their drive towards the capital. talked news analyst pattern heading for the last in london. although they said latest video we saw a bit of it on the screens there can't be fully verified if it is genuine how might it affect the a western backing of opposition fighters will it change anything no it won't change anything at all. in fact i believe the. leaders of our western countries particularly nato countries or encouraging it. the syrian terrorist rebels guerrillas whatever you want to call them to really accelerate the blood in the
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country because in the eyes of washington of london the bigger the quicker they can have reaching. on friday u.n. chief ban ki-moon warned the un general assembly that civilians would be massacred almost daily across syria quoting here with human rights violations carried out on a wide scale by all competence that's what he had to say without in mind any viable peace plan even begin to start soon. you know we have a massive problem again with syria we've had this problem from the beginning which is the skewing of information coming out of the country the syrian observatory for human rights was responsible for a lot of the initial bogus claims that allowed the west to sort of justify the backing of the free syrian army terrorist groups but now like for instance we had a bloc between car bomb in damascus and a majority druze neighborhood loyal to president assad in the way it was reported in the associated press was that it was that when car bombing if this was any other
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place it would be called a terrorist car bombing so again and this is designed to sort of pacify the west so that we don't put a lot of pressure on our political leaders here to sort of stop this this sort of artificial civil war in syria let's talk about the rebels for a moment ago they're outgunned by government forces they think again making some serious advances late in recent weeks capturing and military bases a lot of ammunition a holiday coming stronger generally yes they are becoming stronger and it's only stands to reason because the amount of effort is being put from mainly do you k. the united states in in congress with the gulf states like to talk of saudi arabia and so forth and also turkey is a nato countries also contributing to this effort to really form and give tracking just to go back and satellite backing there's just a report just came out this week with a supplying satellite units to rebels rebel groups terrorist groups essentially in
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syria so they can communicate while the internet is currently down the back country and we'll talk about that in a minute what indeed we will i mean who do you think was behind that huge outages backup now partially anyway who was behind that. i've been looking at this and reading a lot about it and from one of the some of the reports i read it it's kind of mysterious there was an image initially sold in the media on places like the washington post. a move by the assad government possibly to shut down rebel communications but actually a point for their investigation it looks like it's possible that actually the combination of the united states operatives and the syrian rebels could actually be behind the bringing down the internet and the reason is kevin is because if the blood escalates into a country the last thing that the west wants is any reports coming out on the internet of actual rebel terrorist atrocities in that country atrocities that we've seen quite a bit of recently patrick nato saying it's going to deploy patchett missiles to
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turkey's border with syria within several weeks if its members approve it in the wake of last month's cross border skirmishes of course that how dangerous are those developments with more nations now seemingly being drawn into this conflict with nato the nato efforts with regards to turkey in the patriot missile battery units i mean are serious absolutely zero threat to turkey militarily and in fact. you can look at this is sort of more posturing on the part of nato turkey itself toward at least a new government between whether to take the nato side with regards to the destabilization taking down of syria or not so there's a lot of changes and also turkey has issues with israel which has cropped up recently based on the statements from prime minister erdogan. time for now over thanks your thoughts not much appreciated patrick henningsen there from london
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thanks governor. silicon valley has long been the world's leading hub for high tech business of course a reputation largely down to an influx of foreign entrepreneurs but this global symbol of enterprise could soon be in danger now with the u.s. growing ever more reluctant to welcome new talent in from abroad but in a cancian of it reports. puts the silicon valley fun. lots of sharing helping each other even competitors will hope each other some of the biggest brands on the planet and i'll instantly associate as whether america and surprisingly the majority were created by foreigners. jerry yang who was born in taipei surrogate britain whose parents came from russia when he was six or pierre omidyar an iranian born in paris silicon valley has thrived thanks largely to immigrants people who came here with their dreams and had the drive to make them a reality they transformed this plays into an unreliable for high tech development
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the birthplace of global pioneers one person who helps those outsiders to get a foot in the door is german born and how it could blend struck she says the valley moves so fast that it seems skilled foreigners springing up left right and center that she average day and there is a simple reason such success is coming their way so many of the of the indians and chinese that come in the others they make these great companies and then they hire people so they are really giving work i think they're hungry they're the words they want to succeed they're driven the valley's biggest fries came with the boom of immigrants in the ninety's that brought innovations in software and internet services the numbers speak for themselves just over half of the companies found it in silicon valley from the ninety's to the mid to thousands had founders born abroad the latest research says there is a case to one for inborn inventor behind three quarters off after
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a new patient and like her many others getting impatient for a start up is what brought julia to palo alto her project is called smart wall and works as a messaging tool for those who want to avoid social networks most of the people that are that i see are foreigners and also there are a lot of americans that are not from here so they're also coming it's it's not a matter of nationality here it's a matter of the real skills that you have but there are some clouds on the california sky currently over half of foreign born inventiveness face a visa hurdles the end. knowing economic recession has broad deep fears at home and about much needed jobs going into hands that have come from abroad making it hard for many to understand that foreigners can actually bring benefits to times when america so desperately needs them and i think that's something that white america
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doesn't get they don't understand why. because they don't because i think that a lot of this fear is still though they're taking our jobs the way america prides itself on being a melting pot the country where thousands flocked for a better life but u.s. immigration policy me put an end to all that i do not question artie international briefing tonight suicide car bombings the three people died in southern afghanistan at least six more in the last two according to officials the it's the wrong picture there of course the intended target was a local police headquarters that's but it was the right but the police death and the vehicle detonated before reaching the gate no one claimed responsibility for that attack ok back to the rocket this is what it is north korea saying it will try the launch a long range rocket later this month a move to sell relations and with south korea the united states pyongyang failed launch back in april resulted in washington suspending food aid to the teller tarion state tension on the potential is also rising over south korea's recent deal
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to us which will dramatically increase souls ballistic missile range. a cargo plane crashed into a residential area in the republic of congo it's feared more than thirty people could have died that aircraft skidded off the runway in the capital brazzaville in bad weather while it was trying to land hitting houses before ending up in a ravine or crewmembers on board a thought of being killed. twenty five pm here in moscow thanks for being with us just couple of minutes the murky secrets of the world's financial giants revealed yet more of them in the latest report he's with us at. least he told language. programs and documentaries in arabic
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it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots that will be our piece interviews intriguing stories for you here. in troy arabic to find out more visit arabic t.v. dot com. the great russian warriors. prevailing over hazards and asperity. to reenact an epic parade through paris. can they complete their triumph. with people's admiration for two hundred zero. zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zip zip grid laboratory to mccurry was able to build
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a new world most sophisticated robots which all unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in world this is why you should care only on the dot com wealthy british style. pastimes. markets why not. handle. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r g.
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four. keyser welcome to the kaiser report some say the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist i say his greatest trick was convincing us that central banks should exist and then the central banks go back convincing us that only debt is money and to this toxic debt we must sacrifice our sovereign
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souls to eternal inflation deflation did. the same thing max keiser well speaking of central banks and convincing us that debt is money of course part of that was convincing us that gold and silver are not money and they've tried to vanish it from our collective consciousness so austrian press agency cites a gaffe in report on possible audit of austria's gold the austrian national bank was forced to admit last week in parliament that eighty percent of austria's national gold is in london and explain that the bank has earned three hundred million euros in the past decade with gold leasing operations after an expert commented that this is just for the large part of the gold was leased out the bank leaked that currently only sixteen percent of the reserves are affected the bank gave no explanation for the relatively high income from gold.


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